The ten most beautiful and unique Design Garden Studios in Europe for a healthy work-life balance in our current and post pandemic world!

Would you like to work from home in a calm and concentrated way? Do you miss having a special space to organise your work, free from noise and other distractions? And do you have a yard, small garden or courtyard available? Then now is the right time to think about adding a Garden Office Studio to your life. 

The corona crisis has transformed the way we live and work. For better or worse, working from home has become the new norm, and this will remain even after a vaccine has been administered.

Our Design Garden Studios are not just being sold to private individuals, but additionally banks and other large companies are interested in investing in them to ensure their employee’s work from home needs are met. This financial contribution comes in the form of a trade due to saved travel costs, rent, office expenses, utilities, and more. Ask your employer today if they signed up to participate in this new work from home revolution to see if you qualify for financial assistance. 

Our ways

Many people can purchase a simple shed and use it as their new gardenoffice, however we believe it’s important that you feel calm, inspired, andmotivated within an aesthetically-pleasing and carefully designedworkspace.  

All our studios have been designed by architects with the sole purposeof creating something beautiful that supports a sustainable lifestyle andplanet. As such, all our materials are competitively sourced and selected tolast 50 years with minimal maintenance. As such, we can guarantee there will beno replacing broken parts or cutting down more trees to replace rotting wood -one purchase will last you just short of a lifetime. 

Similar to the ingenuity of a tiny home, every square centimeter hasbeen carefully designed in our Design Garden Studios to ensure the space isutilized for maximum efficiency. 

What happens if you no longer want to use your Design Garden Studio forwork? Easily convert it into a guesthouse, playroom, meditation or workoutspace, sell it, or load it onto a car and transport it anywhere you’d like. It’san investment that comes with endless possibilities. 

Studios are limited. Findout how you can apply to get one:

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Voor jou geselecteerd

Hier ziet u de tien studio’s die we uit heel Europa hebben gekozen ter verrijking van uw huis en uw beroepsleven. Deze Eco Tuin Studio’s zijn ontworpen door toparchitecten en worden geleverd met garantie.

Selected for you

Below are the ten studios we have carefully designed and selected from across Europe to enrich both your home and professional life. Our Design Garden Studios are designed by innovative architects and come with a minimum two-year warranty.

Light house

Light house

Finn studio

Finn studio



Finland studio

Finland studio

A transparent and reliable process

Our Design Garden Studios are built to last a long time. The materials and methods used are selected to withstand rain, heavy wind and snow. All studios come with a two-year warranty and a manual with simple steps on how to maintain them after this period. Click on this link to find the 5 steps on how to add a Design Garden Studio to your life.

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