Think cube


Clemens Buck & Nicole Buck


Length 4.10m, width 2.50m, height 2.97m (Winter Think House)
Length 4.00m, width 2.80m, height 2.31m (Summer Think House)


€14,999 to €35,000 (excl. BTW)


6 to 10 weeks


Can be placed anywhere andis also possible for houses where the backyard is difficult to reach.


- Office: Yes
- Permanent Residence: No
- Guest house: Yes
- Informal care: No

This Think Cube is available in two variants and an infinite number ofcolors.

The summer version is not insulated and is more of a garden house forwhen the sun is showing. The paint is biological, so no chemicals, and thecraftsmanship comes from Germany. The playful character is due to the roundwindow and of course the unusual shape. Kids love it and it's a wonderful placeto focus.

The Think Cube in the winter-proof version is firmly insulated and hasthree-walled glass and a built-in stove. Electric lines. Colors arecustomizable (see diagram), there are built-in wall cabinets and an elegantwork table.

Option for bed and toilet (not standard). Do you want a color accent inyour garden: the Think Cube brings it.

Offices become living space, living space becomes office. What was stillunthinkable at many companies in January 2020 is suddenly possible as a resultof the Corona crisis and is even called challengingly 'the new normal'.

According to surveys and our own experience, a majority have beenconfronted with working from home. Sometimes this confrontation has beenpositive, especially when the location (read: the home office) is pleasant andstimulating. Connecting flexibility, private environment and work is new andchallenging! Arrival and departure times can shrink significantly. Travel costsare not incurred and you can sometimes declare for your future 'Design GardenStudio'.

However, due to personal living conditions, you cannot always work wellat home. Sometimes children make noise in the house during the day, then thereis simply no room available. We often live too small in the narrow Netherlands.

The Think Cube is then an extra 'refuge' or studio where you can workundisturbed and which is also tax-deductible as a work space. It is even morefavorable if your employer also participates in the initial costs of purchaseand converts your monthly travel costs into studio costs.

Winter Think Cube

Is the cube supplied with electricity?
Yes, there are pipes and sockets. On request, the cube can be equippedwith an additional installation. The electrical cables are already installed inthe floor of your Think Cube.

What do the surfaces of the Think cube look like?
In general, we try to make the top layer of the floor as natural aspossible. The facade has been treated with a natural oil-based paint, whichshows the structure of the wood. The colors used are from Osmo opaque). For theentire color range: choose COLORS from the menu. The inner wall and ceiling ofyour Think Cube are standard white lacquered pinewood. The round window framesare painted opaque white. The floor is oiled solid parquet.

Which foundation is needed?
In general, you need a stable foundation for the Denk cube: a ringfoundation, a load-bearing patio or slab covering, or a screw foundation forpeat soil. In sandy soil, a solid slab or tiling is often sufficient. Afterordering you will receive a detailed message from us about what is advisable inyour living environment.

Can I build my cube myself?
Yes, you can build the Think Cube yourself. You will receive the partsfrom us safely packaged and with a proven installation manual. You mainly needthe following tools for assembly: screwdriver, spirit level, hammer andsilicone syringe. The Think Cube was developed in Germany, using high-quality,sustainable and local materials that will give you a lot of pleasure.

The Think Cube is designed as a studio with a work table and cupboardspace. Double walls, particularly sturdy glass, heating elements, cupboardspace and a beautiful terrace in front of the door.

Length 4.10m, width 2.50m, height 2.97m

To be ordered extra as an option: toilet with accessories.

Summer Think Cube

WHAT does ecology mean for Summer THINK CUBE?

The Summer Cube is the simple variant of the THINK CUBE.

Wood Material: Solid Pine Wood
Floor lined with an aluminum ring
The roof is additionally covered with EPDM foil that remains watertightfor 25 years.
The roof already has a possibility for a roof garden:
there is a sprinkler.

See color palette under THINK CUBE


The façade is covered with extra hard HPL FUNDAMAX panels:Sunlight resistant and extremely rain resistant. These panels aremanufactured under extremely high pressure and high temperatures.The format is the same as with the Think Cube, but it is possible toorder a different size.

Length 4.00m, width 2.80m, height 2.31m (Summer Think Cube)Possibility for electricity connection

From euro 14,999 (excl. VAT)Can be built by yourself with manual (very detailed)Or as an extra option: a day by an employee of our construction team ata fixed rate.

Stone slabs are sufficient on sandy soil. With peat soil, we firstdiscuss with you what is best. The Cube is not very heavy so the foundation isrelatively simple.

Can I see a Summer Thinking Cube live?v
Subject to change, this is possible in SPEYER, a place near Heidelbergwith a private owner about 6 hours from the Netherlands.

Available Colors

How to buy? With warranty.

Our Design Garden Studios are built to last a long time and withstand rain and heavy wind. We give all studios a two-year warranty. You will receive a manual for maintenance after this period. In "HOW DOES IT WORK" you will find a method to properly finance the studio.

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