10 weeks to 3 months


Can be placed anywhere and is also possible for houses where the backyard is difficult to reach.


- Office: Yes
- Permanent Residence: Yes
- Guest house: Yes
- Informal care: Yes

In the ECOBLOQ studio you can retreat as in a secret room.

You have a mini kitchen with pizza oven. You can drive away a wall ingood weather to move your desk to the terrace, shower and toilet are available,so you can also use it as a guest house.

An Ecobloq may be permit-free in any garden, but also, for example, in arustic location near a farmer. The Japanese burnt wood contrasts with the lightlining of the walls.

Your workplace in the garden or in nature becomes a place that you willnever want to leave.

ECOBLOQ is a Dutch company for design and construction of modular homesmade from biobased materials. Architect Linda Buijsman designed this black cube- Model T (uin). Model T is 3x3 meters. From the top floor 3 meters high. Thisgarden office is very well insulated.

It is not just any cube. 1 facade can be opened, so that there is nolonger a boundary between inside and outside. Because the wall now borders theoutdoor space, it no longer looks like a house of 3x3 m. But of 3x6 m. Or even6x6 meters. Depending on the space in your garden. By adding a pergolaconstruction, you experience this space even more as an outdoor room. Moreover,this construction provides sufficient shade.

Striking are the angled wooden slats on the facade Shou sugi ban. Theyare burned by The top layer of the wood is charred, inspired bya centuries-old Japanese technique. When the sun shines on it, it twinkles likea fairy tale.

You can look into your own green oasis from behind the desk. The sittingarea has a window for a view of the surroundings. If this ECOBLOQ is within 2meters of the property boundary, windows on that side are not possible.

You can work here, but not only that. There are many options for theinterior so that you can also cook, sleep, shower and go to the toilet.

Easy to install in 1 day with a tap.


This module can be supplied empty, with or without an opening facade.

The interior can be supplied in CLT (cross-laminated) FSC wood.

Desk and shelves
The desk is 1.35 m + 0.35 m x 0.55 m. When the wall is open, the deskcan also be placed outside.

Shower / toilet
It is possible to add a shower room. This space can be used forshowering and it is possible to add a "slide-out" compost toilet.This proven Australian toilet (nature's head) is placed on a drawer that fitsunder the kitchen unit when retracted. It can be extended during use.(including ventilation)

If a shower is not required, a permanent toilet (flush or compost) canalso be placed in it.

A kitchen is a big word, but cooking is certainly possible in thisspace. A sink of 0.4 x 0.5 m with black tap and an Italian design hob of Fabitatype Ordine can be included.

To sleep
It is possible to have a folding bed with a size of 1.2 m x 2 m or 1.2 x2.1 m built in by ECOBLOQ.

Wood stove
If no shower, toilet orsink is required, a wood-burning stove can be installed and supplied.

Flora and fauna.
The roof can be constructed as a sedum roof or a herb roof.And there are nesting boxes to place for, for example, common swift,house sparrow or bats. They are made of the same material as the facadecladding. By Faunest.

Model T1 + T2
On Model T1 of 3x3 m. A second cube T2 of 3x3 can be placed so thatthere is room for a dining table or sitting area or fixed bed.

Material & description of the interior

The supporting structure and interior finish are cross-laminated wood(CLT) for a warm experience.

The standard finish

Inspired by an ancient Japanese technique for preserving wood, blackwoodmakes beautiful wooden cladding by burning the top layer of the wood. Afairytale shine is created on the wood.

Fact sheet

External dimensions 3 x 3 m
Height: top of floor to roof edge 3 m

Interior finish

Walls and structure: CLT / wooden frame
Cover: Shou sugi ban
Insulation: wood fiber
Roof: EPDM
Floor: local oak. (optional)
Exterior frames: accoya

Ventilation: Lunos with HRV
Heating: air heating unit (electric)

Fabita - ordine induction hob
Nature's head composting toilet incl. Ventilation
Sink 40x50 cm
Faucet black wall mounted
Pergola construction
Pizza oven

Fixed toilet instead of compost toilet (no shower)
Wall that cannot be opened> reduced price
An extra "empty" module of 3x3 m so that the outer sizebecomes 3x6.

Krinner screw piles

Production and installation
Production by ECOBLOQ

NB. All images subject to changes in further elaboration.

How to buy? With warranty.

Our Design Garden Studios are built to last a long time and withstand rain and heavy wind. We give all studios a two-year warranty. You will receive a manual for maintenance after this period. In "HOW DOES IT WORK" you will find a method to properly finance the studio.

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