Light house


Patrik Uihlein


2,40m x 3,44m




2 to 3 months


Can be placed anywhere and is also possible for houses where thebackyard is difficult to reach: an extra aerial platform is necessary here.


- Office: Yes
- Permanent Residence: Yes (very tiny)
- Guest house: Yes
- Informal care: No

The Light House was designed by a Swiss architect and combines Swiss precision and craftsmanship with openness. The striking window is characteristic of course.

The Light House is very strong and looks like it can withstand an avalanche. There is an elegant terrace in front of the door (option).

The black upholstery is EPDM, a Swiss-made material that is fire and rain resistant and can withstand weather and wind for 25 years.

The cottage is luxurious due to the details of clean lines, an elegant toilet and a folding bed if desired. Pure and clean like a mountain river.


The Lighthouse can also be ordered in a larger version up to almost double the size. Various adjustments have been made here to do justice to the 2012 Building Decree with its later additions to the design.

Shower and cooking facilities have therefore been given a more prominent place.

For detailed information on this, write to us

General description: The Light House for your garden!

Working at a desk in the middle of your garden! Who would not want that.The 'light house' is ideal as an office workshop or work studio.

In the protected and cozy space, nature (read: your garden) remainsomnipresent through the panoramic window. Here you can focus, work creativelyand in a balanced way. Hold video calls and make phone calls without being disturbed.

The Light House is supplied as a workplace in a basic version thatoffers everything in itself. Extensive electrical installations and an activeventilation device are already included in the basic version. For theNetherlands, the following is included in the Light House: The house will bedelivered completely prefabricated and does not require any foundation, justinstall, connect, done!

Fact sheet

Testing out?

Would you like to test the Lighthouse?This is possible in the Freiburg area. You can book a night or a weekendon a Weingut via Airbnb.

How to buy? With warranty.

Our Design Garden Studios are built to last a long time and withstand rain and heavy wind. We give all studios a two-year warranty. You will receive a manual for maintenance after this period. In "HOW DOES IT WORK" you will find a method to properly finance the studio.

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