Rob van der Wulp


Approx. 35 m2


From €35,000 (excl. VAT)


8 weeks


Can be placed anywhere and is also possible for houses where thebackyard is difficult to reach.


- Office: Yes
- Permanent Residence: No
- Guest house: Yes
- Informal care: No

The Boomstudio deviates from the norm because every garden is differentand the Boomstudio adapts to the shape of your garden.

There are some constants, such as the size of a Tree Studio, whichusually amounts to about 35 m². The layout can be customized if you also want ashower, for example. The French shutters are standard and give your workspacehigh up in your garden a special cachet.

If you only have one tree, no problem ... The Tree Studio can be proppedup with French chestnut trunks. The construction will take place a few weeksafter you and our Boomstudio specialist have converted your wishes into afantastic design.

A Boomstudio can last avery long time. However, a special building permit must be applied for.

First watch this video to get a little warm:

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to build these tree houses in theNetherlands. A tree house / house requires a permit, a building permit fromyour municipality. When you apply for this as a Corona work studio, chances areyou will get permission.

Why a Boomstudio?
First, of course, we have to see if your garden is big enough andwhether at least two trees are suitable. Often a part can be supported with an extra tree trunk, but the base must be in order and have a little appearance.

Rain and sun resistant:
As romantic as a Tree Studio is, it must be sun and rain resistant, even after many years. This places enormous demands on the carpentry skills that such a Tree Studio demands and on the quality of the wood. You can see which wood we use and many technical details on our Fact sheet. Electrical wiring also has some requirements.

Once you have the Boom studio in your head, a love affair quickly develops: The boom studio will no longer be forgotten.

Especially for the Special Bouwen en Wonen trade fair, Rob, the Boom studio builder has developed a workplace high up in the trees, of which you can see from the photos how pleasant it can be here: stove on in winter and shutters open in summer.

WORKPLACE: It is necessary to apply for a permit first.

We assist with this and as a workplace this has a reasonable chance, but certainly not 100% rather 80%. That's just the NETHERLANDS; something is possible outside the usual paths, but not very much.

Construction takes a few weeks and is often done on site.
Some panels can be prepared. This makes it a bit faster again.

Our basic model that you see in the photos costs approximately € 35,000.
If you are interested, please send us an application form or call us.

How to buy? With warranty.

Our Design Garden Studios are built to last a long time and withstand rain and heavy wind. We give all studios a two-year warranty. You will receive a manual for maintenance after this period. In "HOW DOES IT WORK" you will find a method to properly finance the studio.

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