The 5 Steps to your Design Garden Studio:

Step 1

  • Select your favourite studio and we will send you a tailor-made offerwith different options for desired amenities (toilet, shower, bed, kitchen) .

  • Our team consisting of an electrician, plumber, and foundation expertwill visit your property to do an initial assessment and prepare any groundworkor pipes necessary for installation. 

  • The assessment will cover the following: What type of ground will thestudio be laid upon? How can the studio be delivered to you? Are there anybarriers or blockades to your garden? What electrical or plumbing connectionsneed to be made? In the case when there is a blockade to your garden, we haveto order a crane that lifts the studio into your garden.

Stap 2

  • Once an initial assessment is completed and your studio is finalised,you will be directed to our notary office in Leiden to sign the contract andpay a down payment of 25%. 

  • Indien nodig legt het fundamententeam in één dag het fundament zodat de studio direct geplaatst kan worden.

Stap 3

  • Once the payment is received by the manufacturers, they will beginbuilding and your studio will be ready for delivery in 6 weeks - 3 months.

Stap 4

Your studio is delivered toyour garden and built by our team in 1-2 days.

Stap 5

All electricity and waterconnections are made, and you receive the key!

What costs can I expect for delivery? Are these fixed or are they flexible?

There are some fixed costs such as transport and possible rental of a cherry picker. Your studio comes from the workshop in Germany or the Netherlands. We charge a fixed transport rate for this, and the construction team has a fixed rate per day, just like the connection team. If there are complicated things such as a long way for electricity to your home, we will make an extra quotation based on the hours it takes to keep everything running smoothly. garden and offer you a beautiful workplace.

How do I finance such a Home Work Studio?

The best thing is a mortgage. Some banks also have special loans. If you have a rental home, a small mobile studio may be the best option. You will find a detailed description under FINANCE on the homepage. We also have a mortgage expert for all your questions.

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