studio yurt


Mongoolse stijl


Diameter 5m


From €15,560 (excl. BTW)


8 weeks


Can be placed anywhere and is also possible for houses where thebackyard is difficult to reach.


- Office: Yes
- Permanent Residence: Yes
- Guest house: Yes
- Informal care: Yes

The yurt, also called yurt, has Mongol ancestors. There are still manyin Mongolia. The Dutch variant is a "Fusio" of Mongolian traditionand Western material quality. A yurt in our damp country needs extra cover, thematerial we use comes from shipping and is waterproof, even after many years.

The foundation has several layers. In the Yurt you can place a desk, addextra windows and install a pellet stove for the winter. Yurts have nevercompletely lost contact with nature due to their round shape, which of courseangular houses miss. Our yurt is solid and will hold back all rains over theyears. A double-walled glass dome lets you make contact with the clouds.

Many people like round designs. They work better and feel less stressed.It is almost impossible to get any more rounded than the Yurt. The design isclassic, age-old and proven. However, we are not in Mongolia, but in theNetherlands.

The yurt of 5 meters in diameter with approximately 19 m2 surface can beplaced in a slightly larger garden and used every day for your work.

The Studio Yurt is constructed for a European climate and made withsustainable materials. The outer fabric is made of specially prepared sunbrellaplus, a breathable plastic fabric with the properties of cotton. The reinforcedcompact insulation absorbs less moisture and the suspension system keeps theinsulation in the right place. The 5 mm steel cable keeps the roof in a correctdiameter and this cable makes it possible to remove the support posts (spacesaving).

What makes this Studio yurt so much stronger than traditional yurts? Theanswer is the use of solid and durable materials. We control the productionourselves, which allows us to provide better service. It is easy to replacedamaged parts. Many options and variations are possible in terms of the numberand position of the windows. There is a lot of choice in the color of thecanvas. The finish is beautiful and meticulous. We take care of the projectfrom A to Z. In contrast to the original yurts, our yurts last many, many yearslonger.

How do I heat my Studio yurt?
Here are several options: Often a simple butane gas stove is sufficient.Do you want something more solid and also more atmospheric: a pelletstove.Or directly and effectively: two electric heaters.Your Studio yurt comes with power outlets for easy connection.

How does this particular yurt differ from other yurts?
The height is of course different: the Dutch are tall, so everything hasto be higher. But the most important thing is in the details: the skylight islarge (1.40 m) and has double glazing. Your entrance is spacious with a doubledoor (108 cm) and a side door with glass (90 cm). Yurt construction: thefoundation is the basis of everything and for this we first look in your gardento see how flat everything is and what kind of soil (peat soil or sand). Muchdepends on this.

Fact sheet

Specification of Sunbrella outdoor fabric
Synthetic Sunbrella outer cloth, lasts 2x longer than any other cottonor polyester / cotton tent cloth.The Sunbrella marine collection offers materials that are especiallysuitable for making hoods, covers, covers, splash covers and boat cushions.The collection contains different colors. The Sunbrella Marine Pluscollection (heavily coated) is waterproof and especially suitable for outdoor use.This quality is used for boat covers. The material is UV resistant and rot andmold free. If the material is regularly cleaned with a brush and water, it willkeep its original appearance for years.




Felt -100% wool is used for the insulation of the yurt. Available in 0.8cm thickness, pressed, white color. The floor insulation is made of hemp fiber,a 100% natural material.


The wood we use comes from the east of the Czech Republic. This wood growsslowly due to the climate and is therefore more sustainable than wood from theNetherlands. We use vapor-permeable foil under the floor insulation. Thisallows condensation that forms under the floor to escape. The wood constructionthus remains of good quality for longer.


How to buy? With warranty.

Our Design Garden Studios are built to last a long time and withstand rain and heavy wind. We give all studios a two-year warranty. You will receive a manual for maintenance after this period. In "HOW DOES IT WORK" you will find a method to properly finance the studio.

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